The Payroll module contains all of the functions related to;
    Employee time tracking,
    Payroll calculations,
    Payroll check printing or direct deposits,
    and all Payroll Reports.

The Payroll system is basically the same from one organization to the next.  It's used for entering, editing and tracking employee time, calculating payroll and processing employee wage payments.  The payment method may be by check or direct deposit.

All Wolven Payroll systems provide the following capabilities. 
    All work type codes are setup by you, the customer. 
    Multiple work type codes with different pay rates, optional L&I rates, and expense accounts. 
    All deductions and bonuses are setup by you, the customer. 
    Deductions and bonuses may be based on gross, net, hours or a tax table. 
    Currently handles Washington's L&I and California's state income tax. 
    Accrue and maintain balances for Leave, Paid Time Off, Sick, etc. 
    If there is anything "special" for your state, Wolven will include it. 
    Virtually unlimited detail lines per employee time sheet. 
    Multiple years worth of time sheet and payment information. 
    Void a payment and automatically reset the time sheet back to the unpaid status. 
    Void a particular employees payroll calculations and automatically reset the time sheet back to the unposted (not calculated) status. 

    Standard and custom Payroll reports such as 941 taxes, W2 printing, etc.
    Lots of time, deductions, benefits, and payment reports by employee, pay period date, payment date, entry date, posting date, etc. 

    Inquiry program for viewing virtually everything associated with an employee and their hours, deductions, benefits, pay, etc. 

The screen shot below shows the Bonus\Deduction screen of the Payroll Inquiry program.  The year to date amounts are displayed in the top table while the detailed pay date amounts are displayed in the lower table.  The other tabs would show the year to date and pay date amounts for the various components of an employees paycheck.   They also show the current Bonus\Deductions being used by this employee, their accrual rates for various benefits such as Paid Time Off, and other employee specific information. 


Wolven (wul-ven) n.
 1. Shield Wolf.
 2. In ancient legends,
   a white, winged,
   wolf-like creature;
   a personal guardian;
   a symbol of protection.