The Job Costing module contains functions related to;
    Adding and editing jobs,
    Adjusting a jobs income or expense values,
    and Job Reports.

Although income or expense transactions may be added directly via job adjustments, most transactions come from a Payable, Invoice, Inventory Issue Slip or Equipment Charge. 

The J\C system enables you to use different types of jobs.  Besides a normal job that has a start date and an end date, you can define a job as a maintenance job.  A maintenance job is like cleaning the office... there is no end date.  The purpose of setting up a maintenance job is so you can track all expenses (and income if applicable) for that job.  You can then run reports for whatever time period you're interested in to see how much has been spent and\or earned on that job.  You can also use a maintenance job for tracking costs associated with a particular asset such as a building, vehicle or other piece of equipment. 

In addition to normal and maintenance jobs, you can set up a capital job.  A capital job allows you to post all costs to a holding account (usually an asset account) until the job is finished and then post all of the expenses to a single posting date when the job is closed.

All Wolven Job Costing systems provide the following capabilities. 
    User defined job income and expense categories such as; Labor, Materials, etc. 
    Track income and expenses for multiple jobs and job types. 
    Keep multiple years worth of job costing detail and summary information. 
    Track job income and expenses by category and inventory item.  For example, not only can you see the total Material, Labor, etc. costs for a job, you can see exactly how much of the material cost was for Framing Nails, Windows, Cabinets, etc.

    Run detailed and summary reports by job, category, item, posting date, etc. 

    Inquiry program where you can drill down from job totals to totals by category, then to summaries by category and item group, and from there to detailed transactions by item.  Then double click any detail transaction to go directly to the source document that created that transaction.  For example, double clicking an Equipment journal type transaction will open the Equipment Edit or Inquiry program directly to the particlar Equipment Charge that created it. 

The screen shot below shows the Detail screen of the Job Cost Inquiry program. 


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