All Wolven services are provided only in conjunction with a Wolven software solution. 

Wolvens primary service is creating and maintaining custom software for our customers.  The development of a custom software solution is usually done on a flat price basis.  Because each solution is unique, the price varies for each customer.  We will talk more about determining the flat price below.

In addition to developing a new software system, we occaisionally handle the purchase, setup and installation of the computer network hardware, operating system and standard office software, if the customer wants us to.  In some cases, we have also provided sytem administration services.  Obviously, that requires the customer to be located relatively close to Wolvens office.  Depending on the existing software, Wolven may also provide data conversion services to move the data from the existing system to Wolvens software.  All of these services are provided on a per hour basis.

When Wolven was first established, we developed software for the IBM S\36 and AS\400.  From there we moved to ASNA's Visual RPG running on Windows networks.  In 2007 we moved to Microsofts and SQL Server.  Consequently, Wolven can provide migration services for companies looking to move from an IBM system to a Windows based network.  Wolven can also provide Windows based software that uses an IBM system as the database server.

Naturally, one of the first things potential customers want to know is, "How much is it going to cost?".  Arriving at the answer usually goes something like this.  The first step is a conversation to get a general idea of what the customer is looking for and what, if any, software and hardware they are currently using.  If Wolven looks like a realistic option, we advance to step two.  Wolven will visit the customers site and get a much more detailed outline of the system modules, programs and other capabilities the customer requires.  With that information Wolven can provide a flat price for the development of the software and an estimate of the number of hours that will be required for installation, setup, training and, optionally, data conversion. 

From 25+ years of experience, we know that we can provide a custom based software package at a price that is cost competitive with comparable off the shelf packages. 

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Take a look at the individual product pages for information on some of our base modules.


Wolven (wul-ven) n.
 1. Shield Wolf.
 2. In ancient legends,
   a white, winged,
   wolf-like creature;
   a personal guardian;
   a symbol of protection.