The Accounts Receivable module contains all of the functions related to;
    Invoice Payments and other Receipts,
    Calculating Interest and Late fees,
    Printing Statements,
    and all A\R Reports.

The A\R system is usually the one that requires the most customization for each organization.  In addition to simply being able to create an invoice directly, here are some of the customizations various organizations require.
    Different invoice types for assessments, annual fees, amortization payments, late fees, etc.
    Varying number of installments and due dates per invoice type.
    Print, Fax and\or Email invoices.
    Different payment terms by invoice type and\or customer.
    Automatic generation of invoices based on information from other modules such as water usage, attorneys time, etc.
    Automatic generation of Payables associated with an invoice.
    Integration with other modules such as Inventory, Job Costing, Water Allocation, etc.

Customer payments may need to be automatically distributed over multiple invoices, installments or charge types.  Actions may need to be initiated or held based on a payment, or the lack thereof.  For example, a payment may release associated payables for payment, or initiate a work order to turn on a water valve. 

All Wolven A\R systems provide the following capabilities. 
    Virtually unlimited detail lines per invoice or payment. 
    A complete history of changes made to detail lines. 
    The ability to modify an invoice or payment by simply calling it up and changing it, at any time.  (This ability can be limited if need be.)
    Multiple years worth of invoice and payment information. 
    Accept and track payments by type.  (Cash, check, card, electronic, etc.) 
    Include or exclude payments on Deposits. 

    Standard and custom A\R reports such as Open\Aged reports.
    Various invoice, payment, and deposit listings by customer, type, invoice date, payment date, entry date, posting date, etc. 

    Inquiry program to view All, Sales Order, Outstanding, or Paid invoices.  See all of the detail lines and their change history.  See all of the payments made on an invoice.  Double click on a detail or payment line to automatically open up the appropriate edit program to make changes or see more information.

The screen shot below shows the Deposit Slip that gets printed when the deposit is closed.  Most reports have Report Selections that allow the user to control what gets printed and the format of the report.  Those Report Selections are usually printed on the first page of the report as you see below.


Wolven (wul-ven) n.
 1. Shield Wolf.
 2. In ancient legends,
   a white, winged,
   wolf-like creature;
   a personal guardian;
   a symbol of protection.