Wolven uses a central names file for storing all of the names used throughout the system.  The company's clients, vendors, employees, etc... are all entered and maintained in one place.  Consequently, you only have to enter a name once!  And there is only one record to change for a new address, phone #, e-mail address, etc...

In many other systems you would have to enter a name and all of the associated information (address, phone #, etc...) into a Customers name file to use for billing.  If you also used that company or person as a vendor, then you would have to re-enter all of the same information into the Vendors file.  And, in the admittedly rare event it happened to be a person that was an employee of the company, the same information would have to be entered again into the Employees file.

To provide maximum flexibility and ease of use without sacrificing simplicity, Wolven allows each name to belong to multiple categories that you can create.  For example, besides standard categories for Customers, Vendors, and Employees, you may have categories for Salesman, Managers, Christmas List, Service Clubs, and on and on and on...  And all you have to do to associate a name with a particular category is double click on that particular category in the Category list in the Names Edit program.  Another benefit of having name categories is the ability to search for names based on a particular category.  And remember, a single name can be associated with multiple categories.

Each name may also have a virtually unlimited number of addresses, phone #s, and e-mail/web addresses.  Just as with the name categories discussed above, each address, phone number, or web address belongs to a type that you create.  For addresses you might have the following types: Office, PO Box, Home, Vacation, etc.  The system allows you to identify one address as the mailing address and another address as the shipping address, or you can identify a single address for both mailing and shipping.

The Names system also stores the Accounts Recievable and\or Accounts Payable invoicing terms, discounts, subcontractor status, and other information related to that name. 

Names can be searched by; First name, Last name, Company name and Category.  There are various programs for printing a list of names and contact information and for printing address labels in the Names sub system. 

The screen shot below shows the search screen for the names file.  The user has selected to search by last name, starting with "s", and filter by the customer category.  The contact information on the right hand side is for the highlighted name (i.e. the name in green).


Wolven (wul-ven) n.
 1. Shield Wolf.
 2. In ancient legends,
   a white, winged,
   wolf-like creature;
   a personal guardian;
   a symbol of protection.