Each Irrigation District tends to be more or less unique in their methods of; allocating water, tracking water usage and billing.

Some use canals and open ditches, some used pressurized pipes and some use a combination of both.

Allocation methods include; annual allotment based on irrigable acres, allotments based on acres and the type of crop, and\or a base allotment with any water usage over that amount considered "excess" which gets billed at increasing rates based on usage.

Billing methods include; annual assessments, fixed charges per acre and crop type, charges based on the amount of water used and combinations of the above and other methods.

Wolven designs and writes the system to match the unique requirments of the each irrigation district and fully integrates it into the rest of the accounting system such as Accounts Receivables, General Ledger, Payroll, etc.

The Irrigation module contains all of the functions related to;
    Adding and editing Land Owners and Parcels,
    Adding and editing Notes for any type of Parcel or Owner changes,
    Adding and editing Meters, Gates and Turnouts,
    Adding and editing Crops, Rates and other information,
    Calculating and Billing for annual Assessments and Allotments,
    Calculating and Billing for normal and excess water usage,
    Tracking water deliveries and actual water usage,
    Tracking RRA filing requirements,
    and all of the associated Reports your District may need.

There are Inquiry programs for viewing all of the Owner, Parcel, Field, and Meter information.  See the allocations, billing, payments and water usage for multiple years.  See all of the changes affecting a parcel... splits, unions, sales, etc. as well as any other notes associated with a parcel.  From the inquiry programs you can go directly to associated invoices, water applications and meter reading programs to get all the details.

The screen shots below shows a couple of the Parcel Inquiry screens.  The first one shows the Assessment, Allocation and Applications for this particular Parcel and Owner.  The second shows the History Notes for the Parcel.


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