The Equipment module contains functions for;
    Adding and editing Equipment Charges to jobs,
    and Equipment Reports.

The equipment system is for tracking equipment usage and adding equipment charges to the Job Costing system.  An equipment charge is the number of hours the piece of equipment was used times the hourly rate for that piece of equipment.  The purpose of equipment charges are twofold.  1. To accurately reflect the costs of a particular job.  2. To track the usage of a piece of equipment and, optionally, the jobs it was used on. 

Each piece of equipment is set up as an Equipment Item in the inventory system along with its default expense account and default hourly rate.  Equipment items are a type of non-inventory item. 

The Wolven Equipment system provides the following capabilities. 
    Track equipment usage. 
    Add and edit Equipment Charges for jobs. 
    Detailed and summary reports by equipment number, job, posting date, etc. 
    An Inquiry program for reviewing equipment charges. 

The screen shot below shows the Equipment Charges Report.  For this report the user selected to print the detailed charges for Job 15-00007 for the first quarter of 2016 (Posting Date 1/1/2016 To Posting Date 3/31/2016).  If they had not selected a particular Job and not selected to Print Detail, it would have printed just the totals for each job for the first quarter of 2016.


Wolven (wul-ven) n.
 1. Shield Wolf.
 2. In ancient legends,
   a white, winged,
   wolf-like creature;
   a personal guardian;
   a symbol of protection.